Formed in December of 1998, the Warehouse, the official Dave Matthews Band fan association, is designed to foster greater interaction between DMB fans.

Benefits of Warehouse membership include:

•  Opportunities to purchase tickets in advance and early entrance into the venue (where available). See ticket details.
•  Opportunity for concert Meet & Greets with Dave or other band members.
•  Contests for merchandise, ticket giveaways, ticket upgrades, travel packages to shows, photo passes. No purchase is necessary, see official rules.
•  Members-only website with news, photos, message board, store, tour and ticketing information. Members will have immediate access to the website and any active ticketing offers immediately upon joining.
•  Annual Warehouse exclusive music and photo downloads. 15 year commemorative Warehouse ticket albums will ship to members that joined in 2006 only while supplies last. Members who renew for 20 consecutive years will receive an exclusive Warehouse poster.
•  Members joining or renewing within a calendar year will receive the Membership package the following month.
To view previous years packages, click on the links below.

2023 Package
2022 Package
2021 Package
2020 Package
2019 Package
2018 Package
2017 Package
2016 Package
2015 Package
2014 Package
2013 Package
2012 Package
2011 Package
2010 Package
2009 Package
2008 Package
2007 Package
2006 Package
2005 Package
2004 Package
2003 Package
2002 Package
2001 Package
2000 Package
1999 Package

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Renewal Benefits

Renewing members will receive the latest package for the calendar year and will enjoy all of the same benefits of their first year with the Warehouse. In appreciation of returning members, benefits of renewal memberships also include:

Seniority Ticketing Status
For the majority of shows, returning members will be offered priority seating based upon their original date of membership. The longer you remain a member of the Warehouse, the better your seats at shows will be. To give opportunity to newer members, on occasion, seating will be assigned on a totally random basis and will not be based on the original date of membership.

Please remember not to let your membership lapse beyond the 1-month grace period. Members must renew within 1 month of the month in which they expire in order to maintain their seniority status. If a membership lapses beyond the 1-month grace period, seniority status will then be based on the new join date thereby forfeiting seniority based on the original date of membership.

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